About us

Welcome to Golfsite.sg – the dedicated golf classifieds website to buy and sell golf gear in Singapore

Why create Golfsite.sg?
When we first took up golf, we weren’t sure if we were ready for the financial commitment (and storage
space!) to the sport and tried looking for second hand golf gear online. We found it difficult looking through
forums – we got lost in all the text and not every posting had a photo we could drool at. We also looked at
golf sections of other online ads but there were duplicates of postings between the various sites and the
search got really frustrating and inefficient. There was no central website which captured all postings of golf
gear so that we didn’t have to look all over the place.

So we figured, why not create a one-stop location for all golf gear ads to make life easier for folks like you?
And why not make it easier for sellers to post their ads as well? We envision that with the ease of buying
and selling golf gear, golf can be a game that everyone can have a chance to experience and enjoy!

So whether you are newbie looking to buy a second hand set; an experienced golfer evolving through your
clubs; or just someone who loves experimenting with different clubs, the Golfsite.sg community will be the
one to look to!

We’d love to hear any suggestions you have on the site, feel free to send them our way at

Happy golfing and don’t forget to slop on sunblock!

The Golfsite.sg Team

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