PXG GEN 3 0311 T FORGED Irons (5-W) [**MASSIVE PRICE DROP!!**] (With PREMIUM Upcharge Steelfiber i110 S Flex Shafts) [LATEST Model! In GREAT Condition] (Golf Iron Set)
PXG GEN 3 0311 T FORGED Irons (5-W) [**MASSIVE PRICE DROP!!**] (With PREMIUM Upcharge Steelfiber i110 S Flex Shafts) [LATEST Model! In GREAT Condition] (Golf Iron Set) - Image 1PXG GEN 3 0311 T FORGED Irons (5-W) [**MASSIVE PRICE DROP!!**] (With PREMIUM Upcharge Steelfiber i110 S Flex Shafts) [LATEST Model! In GREAT Condition] (Golf Iron Set) - Image 2
PXG GEN 3 0311 T FORGED Irons (5-W) [**MASSIVE PRICE DROP!!**] (With PREMIUM Upcharge Steelfiber i110 S Flex Shafts) [LATEST Model! In GREAT Condition] (Golf Iron Set)
SGD $2,150.00

PM ME VIA EMAIL OR WHATSAPP TEXT. Will reply promptly to any enquiries or request for pics.

HP: 94642805 (Whatsapp Text Only)
EMAIL: jgolfsg@gmail.com


Viewing can be arranged by appointment 👍🏻

🔥Selling at a Low price to clear these irons quick

Selling a A set of the LATEST Models And one of the most desirable sets of irons. The Generation 3 0311 T Irons (5-W)

🔥6 Pieces (5,6,7,8,9,W)

W = Pitching Wedge for PXG

All the Irons are of Standard Loft from PXG Factory in the USA. Length is 0.5 inches longer compared to standard length. Lie Angle on the irons are 1deg Upright

In Great Condition. See pictures for more details on the condition and features of the irons

Comes with a set of PREMIUM comes with a very stable set of PREMIUM Upcharge Steelfiber i110 (Stiff Flex) shafts from Japan 🇯🇵

Steelfibre is one of the most Desirable and Popular shafts out in the Golfing industry. It combines the control/consistency/ workability of a Steel Shaft and the Power/ Distance of a Graphite Shaft, making it the all rounder PERFECT shaft!

Hand FORGED in the USA from a solid block of PREMIUM 8620 Soft Carbon Steel, they have a buttery soft feel. They are the T version, which is the TOUR Performance model.

This means MAXIMUM Workability and MAXIMUM Distance Control. Extremely stable irons. Surprisingly very forgiving too. It is more consistent compared to other irons in the same category. Also saw quite significant gains in Club Head Speed + Distance! Ball still goes a mile even on off centred hits. Has a Sweet spot the size of Texas.

Very clean and sleek topline. NOT a chunky golf club. Excellent shot shaping ability

🔥 Total set originally Retails for over 5000 – 6000 Singapore Dollars . Comes fitted with the Premium Custom Ordered Upcharge Steelfiber Shafts ( Not Cheap stock Shafts)

Selling these irons at a fraction of what was originally paid.

Comes newly regripped with Golf Pride ALIGN Tour Velvet Standard Grips

100% Authentic. NOT some cheap fake from 2nd Hand shops or from China. This is the real deal from USA 🇺🇸 🔥See the Serial number laser etched onto the hosel of every single Iron

Set Was originally fitted and built directly at PXG Headquarters in Arizona, USA🇺🇸

🔥 Buy with Confidence. 100% Genuine. Moneyback Guaranteed in the authenticity of these clubs.

⭐️Selling at a LOW Price to sell it quick!

Our new GEN3 Irons feature our incredible new patented Impact Reactor Technology, are drop dead sexy and deliver an incredible combination of distance, forgiveness, accuracy, a sweet spot larger than Texas and feels so soft it’s like spreading warm butter on a hot biscuit – Oh My!

Features & Benefits:

1. Impact Reactor

Powered by a DualCOR system freely suspends the face allowing maximum face flex and deflection at impact for greater ball speeds and big distances!

2. Inner COR Technology

A soft extremely high COR polymer fills the club head, allowing energy to be stored and transferred back into the ball for greater distances. The soft compound also vastly enhances feel off the face.

3. Outer COR Technology

High strength, high COR outer polymer directly supports the extremely thin face face allowing maximum face flex and energy rebound.

4. 5 X Forged Body

PXG 0311 GEN3 Irons are forged from a strong 8620 soft carbon steel. This material prolongs the life of the clubhead, as well as enhances the overall appearance of the club over time.
PXG’s complex body geometries require separate forgings, utilizing five unique sets of tooling, in order to form the body for each part.


The back surface of the clubhead is CNC milled to create an incredibly precise, thin-walled, high-performance body design not obtainable via forging.


Made from high strength HT1770 maraging steel and measuring a mere 0.058″ (~1.55mm) thick, PXG presents the thinnest face in golf.


Robotic Laser Welding helps increase the functional face area and increase forgiveness on mishits. The process reduces the heat affected zone and provides a high-strength attachment method.


PXG’s proprietary weighting system optimizes mass properties to support exceptional launch conditions and an enhanced MOI. Each clubhead features nine weights made of lightweight titanium or heavier tungsten.


To help eliminate distractions at address and improve long-term wear, PXG 0311 Irons present a Satin Nickel/Chrome Plating. The multi-step plating process creates a low glare, durable finish.


A new, industry-leading Robotic Polishing process eliminates virtually all inconsistencies in the sole and face geometries from club to club. This ensures every club manuf


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Contact No: 94642805 (Whatsapp Text Only)
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