XE1 Wedges (59 Deg , 65 Deg) (FAMOUS Wide Auto-Glide Sole Wedge) [Excellent Condition]
XE1 Wedges (59 Deg , 65 Deg) (FAMOUS Wide Auto-Glide Sole Wedge) [Excellent Condition] - Image 1XE1 Wedges (59 Deg , 65 Deg) (FAMOUS Wide Auto-Glide Sole Wedge) [Excellent Condition] - Image 2
XE1 Wedges (59 Deg , 65 Deg) (FAMOUS Wide Auto-Glide Sole Wedge) [Excellent Condition]
SGD $75.00

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Please Read The Description:

Price Negotiable for a quick deal. Selling at the cheapest and lowest price in all of SG👍🏻

PRICE IS FOR EVERYTHING 👍🏻 Wedge + Shaft Attached + Grip attached

Excellent Condition. Only used at the range 👍🏻

FAMOUS XE1 Wedges. Wide Wide Auto- Glide Sole. Perfect for golfers who struggle with their short game and struggle getting the ball out of the Rough/ Bunker👍🏻 This wedge helps to pop the ball out with ease 🔥

This Wedge can also help you to Hit the Flop shot with ease! 🔥

Why xE1

Crafted in the USA 🇯🇵 . In Excellent condition. Selling Cheap

– 59 Deg (8 Bounce)

– 65 Deg (7 Bounce)

STANDARD Length and STANDARD Loft From the Factory in the USA 🇺🇸

100% Authentic. NOT some cheap fake from 2nd Hand shops or from China. This is the real deal. Ordered both wedges as a set directly from XE1 Golf

🔥 Buy with Confidence. 100% Genuine. Moneyback Guaranteed

Grooves are in Excellent Condition. A ton more backspin and control. 🔥Very Forgiving Wedges too!

Comes With the Original Authentic Steel Wedge Shafts. NO RUST ON THE SHAFT. Shaft is in Pristine condition.

Comes with a set of Excellent Condition Original Grips Attached

Bought from the USA 🇺🇸. Also had to pay for the shipping Costs + Tariffs Cost + Taxes. Selling Cheap here 👍🏻


– 1 Wedge: $75

– Package Discounted Price for Both Wedges: $145



Right away, you’ll shoot lower scores because this club is built to:
* Glide across the turf rather than digging, drastically reducing (if not eliminating) your fat shots.

* Prevent the sole from skidding off firm ground, making “bellied wedge” shots – where the club bounces up and into the ball – extremely rare (if not unheard of).

* Slide easily into the sand with a natural “scooping” action, so you’ll get out of bunkers in one shot most every time.


* Clubhead glides across turf for clean contact
* Sole doesn’t skid, so chips & pitches are pure
* Smooth bunker swings = out in one most every time
* Normal stance & amp; swing work like a charm
* Flop shots are as simple as 1, 2, 3
* Tap it in… or pick it up
* Up & down again & again

– Play the xE1, featuring the extra-wide and a slightly heavier clubhead, and you’ll face no such issues. It slides smoothly through for clean contact. Since you don’t have to swing like a gorilla to get the ball out, you can actually use your touch and knock it close.

– You know what’s truly amazing? The xE1 performs just as well on tight lie as it does in dense rough. Here, the club’s does the trick. By keeping the leading edge down and the sole up, RPM assures crisp contact between face and ball.

– The same innovation makes the xE1 Wedge incredibly handy when your ball is stuck in a divot or other lousy lie.
Now for the best part: The xE1 lets you play just about any shot from any lie without opening your
stance or the clubface.


1. 2 inches of Sole width (leading edge to trailing edge)

Effect: Clubhead slides smoothly through long grass and soft sand, eliminating fat shots caused by tough lie.

2. Point of Resistance (POR) at the Rear of sole

Effect: Club’s leading edge forced down through impact, creating clean contact from tight lie in the fairway or compacted bunkers.

3. Clubhead construction: Perimeter-weighted


Name: j golf
Email: jgolfsg@gmail.com
Contact No: 94642805 (Whatsapp Text Only)
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